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Content marketing plays a crucial role in the growth and scaling of the world's largest and fastest-growing SaaS companies. Our expertise lies in scaling SaaS to its highest potential.

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Nafran provides you with the content services that will drive more customers into your doors and increase revenue.

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Why Did I Start Nafran?

It was challenging to find a content writer capable of creating SaaS content with GIFs and screenshots.

That is where Nafran was founded in order to resolve the issue. Our team uses your product, understands it from the perspective of a normal user, and creates content based on that knowledge.

About Us
Our Process

A simple, yet powerful and  efficient process

1. Research Phase

This phase involves identifying keywords for each of the three phases of the buyer's journey, finding out what your competitors rank for, researching your customers' pain points and determining your relevant keywords through analysis of their search intent.

2. Production Phase

The piece of content that attracts backlinks is the post that contains the trunk, and readers love in-depth guides, especially with SaaS brands since they tend to convert better with long content than with short content.

3. SEO Phase

The objective of this phase is to carefully analyze your existing and new content and to reevaluate them based on the data collected from the analytics. In addition, link building campaigns are designed to obtain high-quality backlinks that actually benefit the rankings.

Case Studies

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Google NLP API Tool: Optimize Your Content to the Next Level

With Google NLP, you can get a more complete understanding of your content than ever before. This powerful tool uses custom entity extraction to identify domain-specific entities within documents.

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WP Reset

Shopify SEO: Tips That Win Higher Store Rankings

Looking to start selling online? Shopify is the perfect platform for entrepreneurs of all levels of experience. And thanks to our handy SEO tips, you can help your store rank higher on search engine results pages.

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WordPress Hacked? Execute These 12 Steps to Fix Immediately

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the planet. It's also a favorite target of hackers. If your site has been hacked, this blog can help you fix it.

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How to Use PancakeSwap on Trust Wallet and MetaMask

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular, and now is a great time to get started. You'll learn how to use Pancakeswap on Trust Wallet and Metamask to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

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Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

"I have been working with Nafran for over a year now after deciding to outsource my content writing and I can say that I have been extremely happy with the results. They are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that all of their content is better than the top 3 competitors in search results and no matter how many screenshots they have to use."

Zee Ahmed
Founder at One Smart Sheep

"Nafran is a trusted partner of ours. We've worked together on multiple projects and they always exceed our expectations. Their writers are very knowledgeable and professional, they're always able to come up with the content that we need, even if it's outside of their regular scope. They respond quickly to requests and questions, and they're always available for follow up questions after the project is complete."

Ata Khan
Founding Board Member at Xoobo

"I have tried other content writers before, but I was always disappointed. The content was bad and inconsistent. Nafran has helped me tremendously. Their writers are experts on WordPress and produce high quality content."

Muhammad Shakeel
Founder at How-To WP
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